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For supporting the SoCal Burn Ride! Check out the Ride Routes below and choose which you like best. To get turn-by-turn directions, download the Rever app (FREE) or view in Google Maps.


For Beginners or those wanting a nice, laidback glide through the backroads of Calabasas, out to Las Virgenes, down to the PCH via Malibu Canyon, with over 10 miles of westbound PCH to the gently, upwards twisting Encinal Canyon, over to Kanan and through the canyons to The Rock Store before hitting the 101 back to DAV73.

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Spend the most time on the PCH by taking the 101 N to the first stop, The Rock Store, and then head west through the slightly tight twisties of Yerba Buena which takes you down to the coast for 16 miles of pure south-bound PCH bliss, then head up Malibu Canyon to take the 101 back to DAV73.


 This route takes you the furthest west, starting with the 101 N to our first stop, The Rock Store, then heads out across some twisties to Yerba Buena Canyon which takes you out and over to the best view of the ocean from Deer Creek, then back down the coast and back up Kanan. Take the 101 back to DAV 73.

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The Lovers Route - Hold On Loosely but Don't Let Go! Start out with some steep but smooth 

twisties to some backroad canyons with views of the ocean, then hit the coast headed west and take Kanan up through some dark and cozy tunnels to the Rock Store, then enjoy a few more gently rolling twisties before hitting the highway back to DAV73.


Advanced Riders Only! Take the 101 out to the steep and twisty Decker Canyon (23) which dumps you out onto the PCH for a few miles of wrist relaxation before taking on 10 miles of gorgeous switchbacks on Latigo Canyon to the Rock Store for a well-deserved beverage before hitting the 101 back to DAV73.

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Burn Ride 8 Raffle Prizes

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