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"burn injuries are devastating,

and the majority take

a lifetime to heal."

Jerica Riggs,

Burn Survivor

"Out of the worst experience..."

"...came unexpected blessings, like  hope, healing, good friends and opportunities."

Burn accidents can happen to anyone in the flash of a moment, and the pain that's endured long afterwards goes far beyond physical.  


The financial burden alone is crippling, as most insurances do not cover aftercare or efforts to improve the mental health and quality of life for these survivors and their families. 

Ken Putnam, KCFD, Burn Survivor

"When the fire overcame me, 
I struggled for survival..."

"I had no idea that many years later, as a burn survivor, it would open up so many doors of friendship and change all of life's experiences for the better."

Having dedicated their efforts to the immediate treatment and ongoing recovery of burn survivors in Southern California, Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors, exist to bring wholistic healing to these everyday extraordinary individuals who exemplify strength in overcoming unimaginable odds through Direct Patient Services, Burn Education Prevention and Survivor Support Groups.

To join this effort, 100% of the funds raised by this year's SoCal Burn Ride will go to Family Camp - a three day weekend in both the summer and winter where a safe environment is provided for burn survivors and their families to have the opportunity to build confidence and independence, learn teamwork and develop problem-solving skills through diverse sports and camp programs while also providing forums for peer support.


Help a family work through their tragedy by contributing what you can, how you can. 

There is no cure for a burn injury, but here in Southern California, there are good people and worthwhile programs in place to assist with recovery.

Click here to see how you, your business or organization

 can Get Involved.


Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors

Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors is a non-profit managed by firefighters and civilians who volunteer their services and are dedicated to assist those that have been affected by burn injuries.  Founded in 1996 following the Southern California Malibu Brush Fire in which six firefighters were injured, its mission is to provide awareness to communities about burn injuries, promote the prevention of burns and raise funds to assist burn survivors, burn centers, burn foundations and burn associations.

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